Purchase Guidelines
As with buying a property anywhere in the world, India has guidelines that every property purchaser needs to follow. If a buyer starts taking too many short cuts then either failure to succeed in a purchase or a bad decision will surely follow.

India properties are largely a great investment for a buyer, regardless of whether the property is intended for the buyers own use, or to rent out.

It goes without saying that you will need a trustable lawyer working on your behalf, who will be able to help you with all the legalities of a purchase. You can cut some legal costs by doing some searches of your own then presenting them to your lawyer later.

The need to take legal advice where needed is almost certainly a big step in the right direction. Also following some good judgment will also play in a property buyers favor.
It is not always the best practice to take on board everything that an Estate Agent has to say about any India properties. The need to do thorough inspections also do all the relevant property and land searches will lead to much better results, and definitely much wiser decisions. Remember an Estate Agent is there to sell property, although most will follow all the regulations to the book, some can be slightly sneaky in the way they do business.

Always do some research on an Estate Agent, you can find a lot of information about an agent if you look online at company records. Or if you are actually in a city in India then ask around, get a feeling from people in the area as to who you can trust.

When a property buyer is in the market to buy a house, apartment or condo, excitement can take over his or her feelings. Yes it is great to be buying property, but it is a big disappointment if you get it completely wrong and end up losing thousands.
It is always best to look for registered Estate Agents, anybody else you should steer well clear of!

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